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Spam Filtering

A complete managable security suite providing uninterrupted virus and vulnerability scanning, spam and phishing filtration, attack and email backup protection to more than 2,500 organizations on six continents.

Starting at just $2.00 a month per account, this is an affordable email security service for organizations with 10 to 10,000 users.

Our spam filtering solution, is a completely managed, rapidly deployable service. You don’t have the hassle of installing, updating or maintaining another piece of software. And, you don’t have to try and keep ahead of increasingly sophisticated email villains.No required service contracts - we believe that we should earn your business every day, 24/7, not just once every year or two at contract renewal time.

1) Attack Protector
Before a message even enters the filtering systems it must first pass through a primary layer of defenses. It's inbound managed email security systems guard against direct and indirect SMTP spam filter based attacks by using a complex system of compliance checking and behavior monitoring.

2) Vulnerability Protection
Vulnerabilities are security weaknesses or flaws in a program. As they relate to email security, there are two types of vulnerabilities: Email Client Vulnerabilities and Email Server Vulnerabilities.

3) Email Virus Protection
Unlike many standard email server anti-virus applications, this program handles the complete deconstruction of an email message BEFORE it reaches the anti-virus engine.

4) Spam Protector
The intelligent spam filter systems perform an array of tests on each message, and then assign it a score based on its performance against those tests. These spam filter tests cover 5 major categories: Origination, Routing, Construction, Communication and Content.

5) Availability Protector
Availability and Server Uptime; isn’t that what it’s really all about? Get reliable email access with Availability Protector: the Ultimate Server Uptime Protector. It will give you that added security of knowing that your email is going to be available.

When you install an email server based software solution, you’re simply adding to the stress of a single point of failure in your email pipeline. When you install a gateway appliance in front of your email server, you’re merely introducing another single point of failure into your email infrastructure and increasing the likelihood of an interruption.

But, when you add the email security plan, you are adding redundancy and reliability to your vital email traffic. Availability Protector is our term for our dispersed and redundant network.