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Instructions for C-Ram hosted E-mail Accounts

Instructions for C-Ram hosted E-mail Accounts

Step 1: Launch Outlook Express

The first step to setting up your e-mail account in Outlook express, is to simply launch the program. It can generally be found by clicking your "Start" button and moving your mouse up to the "Programs" menu.

Step 2: Opening the New Account Window

Once you've loaded Outlook Express click the "Tools" menu, as seen on the right. The move down the menu and click on "Accounts..."

Step 3: Are you here?

After clicking on "Accounts..." from the "Tool" menu, you will see a screen like the one displayed here. If you don't you've done something wrong. 


Step 4: Add a New Mail Account

While on the "Internet Accounts" screen, click on the "Add >" button, and select "Mail..." from the menu. 

Step 5: Setting up your Display Name

On this screen you will enter what you want people to see when they receive an e-mail from you, this is called a Display Name. You can enter any Display Name you would like, but generally, your first and last name is used.

Step 6: Setting up your E-Mail Address

You will now enter what e-mail address this account is going to be used under. This is the e-mail address provided to you by C-Ram, Inc.

Step 7: Setting up your Mail Servers

In order to connect to the server to send and receive e-mails, Outlook requires Mail Server addresses. On this screen you will enter your incoming and outgoing e-mail server addresses. They are entered as seen in the snap shot to your right. Your incoming (POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) mail servers are identical. They look like this: NOTE: is the last part of your E-Mail address. ex. If your E-Mail address is [email protected], your domain name would be Don't forget to add mail in front of your domain.


Step 8: Setting up your Login Information

The password that was provided to you will need to be entered on this screen. In the Account Name field, enter the first part of your e-mail address, and in the Password field, enter your password. ex. If your E-Mail address is [email protected], your account name would be joe. Check "Remember password" to allow Outlook Express to store your password for faster mail sending and receiving


Step 9: Done!

Your e-mail account is now configured, click Finish to save your settings. Next we will make a very important modification to your e-mail account, which will enable you to send emails.

Step 10: Modifying Your Account

In order to send e-mails you will need to make a change in your account settings. To do this, click your mail account from the list (marked in the snap shot by the the number 1). And then click Properties (marked in the snap shot as number 2).

Step 11: Modifying your Settings

If you selected your account right, you will see a screen similar to the one on the right. Click on the "Servers" tab (marked with an orange border) to get to where we need to be.

Step 12: Allow Yourself to Send E-Mail

There is an option on the current screen which reads, "My server requires authentication." This is marked by the number 1 in the snap shot. Put a check mark in that box, then click Apply (marked by number 2), then click OK (marked by number 3).

Step 13: Close Outlook Express and Restart it. Your done!